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Our "Therapeutic Rehabilitation Grooming" Program is aimed towards pets with aggression, history of biting, or grooming difficulties.

We offer a program at our facility called the "TRG" (Therapeutic Rehabilitation Grooming) program!

As most of you may know, we believe in making grooming as stress free and enjoyable for your pet as possible! We specialize in rehabilitation and therapeutic grooming techniques.

If your pet is aggressive, has a history of biting or grooming difficulties then we can definitely accomdate your pet!

However, there are rules to our program. We are not a 'one time" or "once a year" or "once every few months' grooming facility if your pet needs to be a part of our TRG program.

It is VITAL to your pet and their health and safety that they come on a regular schedule so they can get better for grooming. If you can not commit to our recommended grooming schedule for your pet so that it can get better, we are NOT the grooming facility for you.

We will not force any grooming on any pets. We believe in building bonds and trust with our clients. We have quite a few clients who must come every week for a mini grooming session to help desensitize their pet and help them so they can get better. Our salon is a certified force free grooming salon and we only use positive reinforcement techniques.

Our facility is CAGE FREE. This allows us to groom your pet as an express service. We provide private grooming sessions to help build trust and confidence with your pet so that grooming can be successful. Rehabilitation does not happen over night. Some pets may take longer than others depending on the severity of their behaviors. It will take a lot of time and consistency; The pet parent has to be WILLING to put in the time and effort needed to help their pet achieve positive behaviors.

It takes both the pets owner and our facility to help achieve the rehabilitation process. We are more than willing to work with your pet to help them achieve success because every pet deserves to enjoy their spa day! If you are not willing to put in the work and effort for your pet to get better then we are not the grooming facility for you. It all starts at home and it is important you are very consistent with your pet.

We groom many pets who used to have to be completely sedated for grooming , were very aggressive for clippers or had a long history of biting and are now rehabilitated and enjoy their spa day drug free! We have more than 400 5 star reviews and plenty of references from vets, rescue groups we work with and clients who have used our TRG program. We are successful because we have strict rules to our program. If you refuse follow our rules we cannot help you.

If your pet needs to be enrolled in our TRG program please fill out our new client application and tell us all about your pet! We would love to meet your furry family member and help them rebuild positive grooming behaviors in the grooming salon! <3

*If your pet has any grooming difficulties and they are NOT spayed/neutered AND/OR has a history of attacking people we can NOT service your pet. That is a health issue and needs to be addressed by your vet*

 Your Success Stories

Coby is a 5 month old puppy who had a very bad experience at different local salon. When he came to us he was completely traumatized and impossible to groom. We required his mom to come once a week so we could begin therapeutic grooming sessions with him immediately because we are certified force free groomers. After only a few sessions, ZERO SEDATION and lots of he is perfect for grooming! He actually pulls his mom trying to come in the salon to see us!

Gibby came to us as a rescue puppy who was absolutely TERRIFIED of having her nails done let alone even her feet even TOUCHED. It was so severe she was recommended vet sedation to have her nails done. We believe in therapeutic grooming and holistic measures when possible so of course we were up for the challenge. Gibby tried to bite, gator rolled, peed, pooped, screamed bloody murder, you name it when we tried to do her nails. It was nearly impossible to even touch her feet. We told Gibbys mom that she MUST come every TWO weeks for Gibby to have her nails done or we cannot do it. Why? It is VERY important in cases so severe as this that the dog comes on a regular and FREQUENT schedule so they can get BETTER. It is also very important that the owner is willing to work with the dog to have them get better as behaviors like this do not fix with one session. We are SO HAPPY TO SAY that TODAY after many months of hard work and building trust that Gibby was absolutely PERFECT for her nails today! She did not make a peep and sat like a princess when I did her nails. She was so proud of her self after our session today that she kept SMILING! LOVE YOU GIBBY! <3 <3 <3

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