We are very excited to announce we will be officially be offering

Thera--Clean Microbubble System baths at our salon very soon!

The Thera-Clean® Microbubble System gently removes trapped dirt, bacteria, yeast — and even allergens — to reduce odor and itching and dramatically improve therapeutic results without soaps, chemicals or abrasives.

Thera-Clean means truly clean.  Their microbubbles go to a deeper level than ever before possible, enabling the deepest possible cleaning that chronic skin conditions need before they can heal.

What is Thera-Clean?








Powerful, gentle deep cleaning action!

The Thera-Clean® System generates Microbubbles with a slight negative charge. This attracts positively charged molecules of dander, sebum and other organic matter such as dirt, yeast or bacteria — and even allergens — that can lodge on the hair follicle or clog a pore. The organic matter adheres to the microbubble, which whisks it away.

Unlike pressurized cleaning systems, Thera-Clean’s water flow is gentle. No soap, shampoo, chemicals or abrasives are needed. Pets simply sit in a tub with a soft stream of Microbubble-infused water and the Microbubbles do all the work. A thorough cleansing takes only fifteen minutes.

Some Microbubbles actually oscillate and implode from increased water pressure, generating significant energy that aids in dislodging the organic waste from the follicle – or unclogging the pores. In fact, as the bath progresses that energy will warm the water. Toji plant-and-mineral-based enzymes support deep cleaning

Our Thera-Clean® supports the deep cleaning of our Microbubble technology with a line of proprietary plant-and-mineral based enzyme powders named Toji. These enzyme powders further soften debris. This allows the Thera-Clean® Microbubbles to adhere to the debris more effectively and dislodge it more easily for speedier cleaning. The Toji enzyme powders also help reduce inflammation and support healing.





















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Microbubble Treatment Packages


The Thera-Clean Microbubble bath package is an ADDITIONAL charge on top of your regular bath or groom price. The Thera-Clean process takes an additional 15-25 minutes in a different bath tub with microbubbles. Prices will vary depending on the breed, size and coat type. 


In order to deep clean the pores and follicles of your dog’s chronic skin condition while new skin is being formed, microbubble packages MUST be done weekly. The first and second treatments can be done within a week, depending on the seriousness of the condition.


Please book appointments at the time you purchase the package of four treatments in order to ensure the package’s effectiveness. Regular ongoing seasonal or monthly maintenance treatments are also recommended for chronic skin problems. Skipped treatments cannot be refunded.

Note: At the time of the first treatment a fee for normal grooming will be charged, in addition to the purchase of the Thera-Clean bath package. There is also a $2 extra product charge per extra scoop of enzymes per bath if needed.


After the first treatment, there MAY be an initial itching reaction as the previously clogged pores and skin opens, and surface crusty sebum build-up is removed. This is a GOOD thing! It means the skin is healing. We see this only with about 10% of the dogs receiving new microbubble treatments. You should not see this itching after followup treatments. Keep the area covered with a t-shirt or similar item of clothing for a day or two after the first treatment if this happens. It is very important to keep up with regular treatments in order to ensure effectiveness.