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BGE Grooming offers express professional grooming services as well as creative grooming! All dye products are vegan and non toxic based. 

We know how much you love your pets and we also know that sometimes grooming can be stressful. We believe it shouldnt be because it is a necessity to your pets livelihood. Unlike some grooming shops where your pet is crated sometimes for hours with no potty break and even put into a cage dryer, we offer an express grooming service with no cages, no cage drying and individual one on one attention your pet needs to have a stress free grooming experience.

At BGE Grooming we don't just groom pets we pamper them! We care for every single pet that comes through our home salon. We treat every pet with individual attention like it's part of our own family. Each dog has its own special grooming needs and attention.


Thus, being the BEST GROOMING EXPERIENCE which is individualized for each and every pet.


Because we groom only one pet at a time (unless they are from the same family) we are able to give your pet the individual attention they need and deserve while being groomed.


At BGE Grooming there is no loud noises, no loud dogs barking, and it is a stress free environment for your pet. We also care for our lovely pet parents; by sharing their furry baby’s haircuts, concerns, and preventive care for them. We keep dogs and pets on a routine and timely schedule , so we are able to give them a break if needed.

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We are members of the NDGAA, NAPCG, CGA and PPG! We believe in a stress free, kennel free, force free grooming environment. We also believe in positive reinforcement for all of our furry clients during and after their grooms!

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