We are a private BY APPOINTMENT ONLY grooming salon who offers kennel free and stress free grooming! We offer one on one grooming appointments and do not use cage dryers. We specialize in therapeutic grooming techniques. It is very important every pet learns to enjoy grooming and receives the BEST GROOMING EXPERIENCE!
We believe in being affordable so our clients come on a regular grooming schedule than over pricing and the pet coming once every six months. We also believe in including all premium products as well as nail grinding to all of our grooming packages at no extra charge!
Grooming is a natural part of your pets life and we believe it should be fun and enjoyable. This is why we provide grooming as an express service and use force free techniques. We recommend grooming every 4 to 6 weeks. A clean pet is a healthy pet! We see your dog more often than your vet does and regular grooming can help prevent serious health problems.
The grooming process takes about 2-3 hours depending on the type of service we are providing. All grooms include a bath with top of the line shampoos and conditioners, nail dremeling (which gets nails shorter, smoother, and lasts longer), ear cleaning and plucking, paw pads shaved, sanitary, anal glands (only if requested) as well as a haircut of your choice, finished with cologne, bow/bandana and a mini photo shoot. We will call you 15 minutes before your dog is ready to be picked up.
We also provide creative grooming services as well. All dyes and nail polish are pet safe, non toxic and vegan based.
We kindly ask that every new client to fill out the "New Client Form" below and we will contact you soon!
We can't wait to meet your pet! Welcome to the BGE family!